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Dear sir, I consider my self a victim of the imposed and forceful and shere mannerless style of services offered by the bank at mall branch,lahore.It happened when i went there to update my address attached to my account. The P.R.officer there started following me and forcibly made me sit on a chair and started narrating the details of insurance and investment products.He introduced an investment-insurance plan which seemed acceptableto me and so i signed after his completion of procedural formalities.I asked him to provide me a copy of agreement which he did not provide at thetime of signing.(he was supposed to provide a copy at that time)He only posted the copy about after one month of signing the agreement and after my repeated queries.To my surprise(on ist sight,it was rather shocking) it was a completely differentplan with rather conflicting terms or truly interpretting opposite terms and conditions.After this accident,i complained to bank about this misdeed.The bank did certain investigations and concluded that my invested money would be returned back to me.However,this did not happen and now they are declining to pay back my money.Most probably,they want to cover-up the blunder of their employee.So my request to relevant authorities is to assist me in getting my money back and keep up with the bank commitment to return the invested money as they did agreeafter doing their internal investigations.The details of deed are as under;Name of plan:Mustaqbil takafulApplication no.4408230007428Illustration no.82300142304NaName of participant.Ajmal Ahmed chughtaiThanking for providing an opportunity to expressmy concerns.

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I have my joint account with my wife at mall road, Lahore. I was asked by the branch management to send my Pak Identity card few months ago. I sent a letter, explaining that as it was not safe to send my card by post, I will show my card when I come to Lahore next time. I did not receive any reply but I was surprised and disappointed when my cheque was returned unpaid to Pakland Housing Ltd, Karachi, stating that my account is frozen.

Can anyone at Standard Chartered Bank assist me in unfreezing my account. I must pay this instalment on my plot in Karachi as soon as possible.

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